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Check Out Our AWESOME Studio!
Our AMAZING Studio!
Looking for a FUN Job with GREAT Pay?
Are you Attractive, Fun-Loving & Outgoing?
Then Why Not Call Us at (530) 343-3594
and Join Our Growing Sunny's Girls' Team?

Just Read What Sunny's Has To Offer:

Fun & Exciting Work!
Sunny's provides sensual nude massage, exotic strip-tease
and many other fun things, all in a one-on-one environment.

Great Pay!
Struggling at a low-paying job to get thru school? Why not
make up to $100 per hour PLUS TIPS! Tips can often be as much
as the base pay, so it is not uncommon for a good Sunny's Girl
to make $2,000 or more PER WEEK!

New Girls Can Make Even More!
Customers are always asking "Who's NEW?", so if you are new
and available, you can get off to a Great Start!

Great Work Environment!
Many of our Sunny's Girls have worked for other companies
in town (or by themselves), and they absolutely LOVE it here!
They get more work, make more friends, and because of the
atmosphere and policies, they feel great about the work they do!

Flexible Hours!
Create your own weekly work schedule to suit your lifestyle,
class schedule, etc. -Work as much or as little as you want!

Never done this before? Your new friends at Sunny's will be happy
to share their experience to help you get started having FUN!

Sunny's policies and procedures help to provide the most secure
working environment possible.

So, If you are 18 or older, have a friendly, outgoing personality, and
you want to make GREAT money in your spare time (or full-time),
then why not use your great looks to your advantage?
Very few ladies are blessed in this way, and we know you will
thoroughly enjoy cashing-in on your assets!

We Hope you will call us today at (530) 343-3594
We will answer any questions you may have, set-up an interview, and
we can't wait to hear how you are LOVING being a SUNNY"S GIRL!
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